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Elephants Investigate GoPro Camera

A GoPro camera is nothing special these days. But for an elephant, it's something very unique and different. While enjoying


Buffalo Licks Woman Driving Through Safari

When you drive through a safari and have the windows down you better be ready for anything. Caroline Walker Evans was


Woman Is Terrified Of Emu At Safari

Visiting a safari can be a unique and thrilling experience as it is usually impossible to get so up close


Boaters Are Chased By Speeding Hippopotamus

The hippopotamus has a reputation for being fat and slow, probably because of cartoons. But in reality they are very


Elephants Dramatically Save Young Calf Pulled By Powerful River Current

In this suspenseful video taken by Kicheche Laikipia safari guest Sandy Gelderman, two elephants help save a baby calf from the powerful


Mom Saves Baby Buffalo From Lion At Last Second

Mariette Forssman was on safari at the Mjejane Game Reserve when her caravan stumbled upon an adorable baby buffalo. The baby was calling


Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep

Is this a scene from a safari or perhaps Jurassic Park? In this incredible nature video just published by JukinVideo, an elephant from


Giraffe Chases Jeep A La Jurassic Park

One of the most iconic scenes from the popular dino-movie Jurassic Park is when the heroes speed away in their Jeep from a