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Cute Kid Thinks He Caught Santa On Camera

Like so many kids around the world, seven year old Evan couldn't help but think of a way to prove


Dog In Santa Costume Rides Roomba Robot Sweeper

Sure, the pet riding a Roomba gag has been done many times before on the Internet. But The Big Shift has been trending


Surprise Secret Santa Leaves Receipants In Tears

Prankster Stuart Edge has been very blessed, so he decided to give to needy people this holiday. He went to the busy


Mrs. Claus VS Mrs. Poppins Rap Battle

Who knew Mrs. Poppins could rap so fiercely? The famous British nanny duels against Santa's kind hearted wife, Mrs. Claus, in


Psycho Santa Claus Scare Prank Is Terrifying

The evil geniuses behind the viral terrifying clown prank videos have made another scary prank video in honor of the holidays.


WestJet Brings A Christmas Miracle To Needy In Dominican Republic

Canadian airline WestJet has become known online for their charitable Christmas videos. Last holiday season they went viral with their touching video of


Even Santa Poops PooPourri Commercial Is Hilarious

Bathroom deodorizer Poo~Pourri went viral last year when they debuted their hilarious commercial promoting their toilet spray. That original ad has


Christmas Candy Dropped In Potassium Chlorate

Sadly, Christmas has come and gone.  But what do you with all the left over Christmas candy? Illusionist and science


Ultra Realistic Santa Claus Drawing Made In Microsoft Paint

Remember the video of the incredible finger painting of Morgan Freeman created on an iPad? Real or fake, that painting


Santa Parkour

Parkour master Ronnie Shalvis is well known for his epic parkour-themed videos. He's gone viral many times before, most notably for his Assassin’s


WestJet Christmas Miracle

WestJet recently brought a little Christmas cheer to some of their lucky travelers. Before boarding, West Jet passengers were prompted to scan


The Science Of Santa

Sure most older kids 'know' that Santa isn't real. But that's because they've lost all faith, and don't really have