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Wild Orangutan Learns How To Use A Saw

"Spy In The Wild" is just another wildlife documentary show on BBC. With this preview for episode 2 of the

Working With Jigsaw

Cool sketch by Chris Capel. Imagine having infamous Jigsaw as a colleague in the office. Maybe your actual working buddies


Honest Trailer Of ‘Saw’

The 2004 horror film Saw was an unexpected movie sensation. The independent film only had a budget just over one million


Everything Wrong With Saw

NSFW Halloween is only one week away. In honor of the spooky holiday, Cinema Sins has revisited one of the creepiest horror


Living With Jigsaw Comedy Sketch

Jigsaw is of course the psychotic, evil clown who tortures his victims in the countless Saw films.  But what happens when


Woman Plays Star Trek Theme On Saw In Subway

The Saw Lady has gone viral playing the original Star Trek theme song on a saw. That's right, all the


Rudi Macaggi Balances Over Moving Buzz Saw- America’s Got Talent, Top 48

Howie was scared, but the rest of the audience was shocked and amazed by Rudi balancing over a moving buzz