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Driver Speeds By Right Side Of School Bus Nearly Hitting Students

A reckless driver almost hit three students who were about to board a Graham school bus in Washington. When school…

School Bus Driver Pranks Riding Students With Cancelled School Day On April Fool’s

The First of April was nearly two months ago, but this straggler April Fools prank video by Kurtec01 has only been…

School Bus Drifting

The adrenaline obsessed dare devils at Nitro Circus are back with another sweaty, nerve racking, exciting video. A group of daring kids strapped into a very special, retrofitted…

School Bus Explodes On Second Day Of School

While dropping off his junior high kids, the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the turn signal cover, so he…

School Bus Drives Through River In Nicaragua

You know when your dad says he had to walk to school uphill both ways? This is kind of like…



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