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Giant Tuna Swallows Seagull Then Spit It Out

Usually, it's the birds that are preying on the fish in the ocean. But the food chain was flipped on its


Golfer Accidentally Hits Seagull With Perfect Drive

Jordan Wright was golfing and made a terrible mistake. After lining up a perfect drive, he accidentally directly hit a seagull


Seagull Steals GoPro Camera

For some reason, viewers get a real kick out of animals messing around with outdoor cameras. German YouTuber Martin Lozano set


Welsh Guy ‘Trains’ Seagull To Dance

Training a domesticated animal is one thing. But apparently, Mr Tomostan managed to train a random seagull to dance in New


Men Save Trapped Seagull

Michel was out with his friends early in the morning enjoying the peace and quiet when they heard a great ruckus


Tap Dancing Seagull

This short yet sweet video by B Rogers has exploded since debuting over the weekend. While going for a stroll in


GoPro Camera Stolen By Seagull On Beach

Seagulls have been known to steal before. There's video of seagulls stealing some snacks, and even a recording video camera.


Seagull Steals Snacks From Backpack

They say that despite many animals being harmed from humans taking over the planet, some, like rats, roaches, and crows,


Trolling Seagulls

People seem to really hate pigeons and seagulls. The birds seem to get no points for being cute, and only


Seagull Steals Recording Camera

So you're in France recording the sites and you put your camera down for a moment to get yourself in