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Seal Jumps Onto Boat To Escape Orca Killer Whale

While boating with friends, Kirk Fraser and company witnessed an amazing scene of nature. While fishing, they saw a group of ravenous Orca


Whale, Dolphins, And Seal Swim Along Boat

While boating and fishing off the coast of the Phillip Island in Australia, Steve Boer and his friends had a once in a life


Seal Rides Whale

Seeing a whale is already a special experience for tourists. But whale watchers boating off the Baja Peninsula of Mexico were


Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn't love seals? They're basically just dogs who live in the water. One lucky boater had the amazing opportunity


Seal Escapes The Jaws Of Shark

The shark is one of the ocean's most powerful and feared predators. They're basically the lions of the water. Most


Boater Startles Relaxing Seal

Enrico Tettamanti published this short video back in 2013, but it has only gone viral now. While sailing around Alaska, boaters found


Seal Cuddles With Dog On Beach

Everyone knows that seals are basically just water dogs, but now we have real proof!  Elise Frebourg was on the beach


Baby Seal Jumps Aboard Surfer’s Board

Matt and his buddy were out riding some waves when they had a rare encounter with an adorable little baby


Pinnipeds Cartoon Will Make You Smile

French animator Victor Caire has gone viral with this adorable computer animated short, simply titled Pinnipèdes, or Pinnipeds in English. Pinniped is just a


Cute Seal Loves Getting Belly Rub

Seals really are water-dogs. Scuba diver Jason Neilus experienced how similar seals are to Man's best friend when he went


Elephant Seals Crush Cameraman’s Tent

To film the movie The Adventures of the Penguin King, a camera crew naturally had to travel to the Antarctica and stay


Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Who doesn't love cute seals? The web sure loves 'em. The Animal Planet posted this short video from their North Woods