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101 Facts About The Big Bang Theory

Maybe you have heard of this new tv show about some way too cool nerds and their way too hot


How The Sales Pitch For ‘Westworld’ Could Have Been Like

Jenny Nicholson again talked about a cultural phenomenon with herself. This time: the new HBO hit show "Westworld". And whether

Family Matters Style Luke Cage Opening

Zach Ace mixed the tv classic "Family Matters" together with Netflix' new show "Marvel's Luke Cage". And it does work

Stranger Things – 8 Bit Cinema

Awesome adaption done by CineFix, who show us an animated point-n-click type game of the Netflix hit show "Stranger Things"

“Stranger Things'” Eleven demonstrates her mind powers to Colbert

Did you see "Stranger Things"? It is really good and especially Millie Bobby Brown does play a pretty awesome part


Jokke Sommer Wingwuit Flying

Wingsuit videos are no longer new, but that doesn't mean they are any less cool. Jokke Sommer is one of the


The Online Gamer

We go back in time to march 2008. The online gamer is with his girlfriend focused on getting into law