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Clever Dog Shops For His Own Treats

RM Videos uploaded this clip of a clever dog who knows his shopping. Lots of parents sure wish that their


Employees Buy WiiU For Kid Who Comes In Every Day To Play

Rahiem Storr uploaded this video of the Valley Stream Best Buy, where a kid came in every day to play


How to Go Grocery Shopping With a Baby

Another really entertaining episode by How To DAD, demonstrating us significant skills you have to have as a parent. I


Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With "Amazon Go" the


CVS Receipt Costume goes to CVS

Jeremy Schneider went to CVS and got a really long receipt. At home he scanned it, scaled it and printed


Lady Steals From Kid During Black Friday 2015

It seems it has become an unofficial tradition. Now, not Black Friday. We're talking about the videos of the fights and riots that


Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Silly Puns At Ikea

Ahh, Ikea, the place so many of us end up on the weekend to buy stuff we don't need when


Black Friday Horror Movie Trailer

Every year, Black Friday is somehow hyped up to be a bigger event than the last. The deals are better, the stores


Haunted Shopping Cart Prank Part 2

Back in July, popular online magician Rahat terrified shoppers with his haunted, self-propelled shopping cart prank at Target. That video amassed


Stampeding Horde Fights Over Cell Phones At Walmart Black Friday 2012

This is one of those videos that there are countless copies of, but no one is sure who the original


Better Names For Things For Sale At Target

The Tumblr loved nerd from Pleated Jeans loves to rename everyday objects with new, cutesy ones. For his latest mission, he went


Baby Goes Grocery Shopping

Little kids in the grocery are a common first world annoyance, but the younglings just might be antsy and jittery