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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Rubber Band Makes Infinite Shower-Loop

Haha, this is awesome! ViralVideoLab uploaded this video of a funny "invention", regarding a rubber band lifting off the handle…

Jimmy Kimmel Has Fans Prank Their Dads By Offering Them Breakfast In The Shower

Jimmy Kimmel can't let a holiday pass by without pranking someone. For a few years now, he's been famous for asking…

Rottweiler Loves To Take Shower

Dogs are famous for hating bath time, but not Leena the rottweiler. Leena simply loves taking showers. Oz Rottweiler confesses that her…

How Girls Take A Shower

NSFW language, content Popular vlogger  Jenna Marbles has finally returned to the original style of sketch comedy that made her so…

Old Spice Forever Shower Commercial

There's nothing that screams the late 80's and early 90's more than those jazzy, overly up-beat commercials that were so ubiquitous for…

Prankster Keeps Adding Shampoo To Kid Trying To Finish Showering

Even if this prank is fake I think it's funny. To prank his friend in the shower, a kid keeps…

Water Fountain Sprays Shapes In Japan

I love the Japanese. This water fountain showers lines, circles, even letter shapes as it falls!


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