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Toddler Impersonating Mother With Morning Sickness

Poor mother! And proud father. :) D. J. Anderson filmed and uploaded this video of his little toddler imitation the


Little Girl Sick With Cancer Gets Married To Her Favorite Hospital Nurse

There are few things more sad and depressing than when a child becomes ill with cancer. At the Albany Medical Center


Sick Remedies That Actually Scientifically Work

The winter time is the height of cold and flu season. So when you have the sniffles at the office


Things Couples Do When They’re Sick

With the grey skies, colder weather, and red and brown leaves on the ground comes flu season. But getting sick


Brave Sick Girl Explains The Perks Of Being In The Hospital

Being extremely ill in the hospital can suck the spirit of the most upbeat of people. But somehow, Claire Wineland is


Sneezing On People Prank

It seems like every year the flu virus is the strongest and most dangerous ever! But that's what 'they' said


School Band Drummer Throws Up After Drum Solo, Still Finishes Song

Performing a solo in front of anyone is difficult, so you have to really feel for this school drummer who


Tiny Puppy Is Sick And Sad

An adorably tiny puppy was brought to the vet sick and malnourished. They docs hooked him up to some fluids, but


How A Virus Spreads Around The World

In the old days, people were less knowledgeable concerning general health. On the other hand, it wasn't as easy for