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Simon’s Cat Gets Catnip For Christmas

Simon's Cat is without a doubt the Internet's favorite cartoon cat. Sorry Garfield, your days are over. In this cute holiday


Simon’s Cat In ‘Scaredy Cat’

Watching a scary movie while home alone is never a good idea. Just a strong breeze outside can be terrifying. But


Simon’s Cat In ‘Pawtrait’

It's been a while, but the popular kitty-cartoon Simon's Cat has finally returned with a new episode. In Pawtrait, Simon's cat must deal


Simon’s Cat In Crazy Time

The Internet's favorite animated comic strip, Simon's Cat, is back with another adorable episode. This time, Simon's Cat has a frenzied


‘Smitten’ Simon’s Cat Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. In honor of the romantic holiday, popular cartoonist Simon's Cat has debuted a special


Simon’s Cat ‘Christmas Presence’

The Internet's favorite animated cat, Simon's Cat, has returned just in time for Christmas with this holiday-themed episode. Naturally, Simon's Cat


Simon’s Cat Creator Draws His Life

Like so many popular YouTube channels, Simon's Cat began as an accident after someone uploaded Simon's first digital animation to YouTube,


Simon’s Cat In ‘Scary Legs’

Adorable animated web series, Simon's Cat, has returned with a special Halloween episode, titled Scary Legs. This time, the cat attempts advise


Simon’s Cat Mirror Mirror

Popular kitty cartoon Simon's Cat is again trending after debuting a new episode. This time, Simon's mischievous cat learns about the concept of


Simon’s Cat In Suitcase

Any cat owner who has traveled knows how annoying packing can be with their excited feline friend in the room.


Flower Bed Simon’s Cat Cartoon

Finally, the web's most popular ongoing cat cartoon, Simon's Cat, has returned with a new episode. While helping Simon in


Simon’s Cat In ‘Screen Grab’

The web's most popular animated feline, Simon's Cat, has finally returned with a new episode. In Screen Grab, Simon's cat, and his