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Wolverine Dances To All The Single Ladies

Wolverine is the brutish mutant superhero from X-Men with a dark side. He's known for his short temper and anger…

‘Single Ladies’ By Beyonce Performed As A Dramatic Monologue

Beyonce's hit track Single Ladies is one catchy tune, but did you ever stop and listen to the actual words? To…

PSY Performs Single Ladies Dance

This video of KPop superstar PSY performing the world famous Single Ladies dance by Beyonce was posted way back in 2011, but has only…

PSY Dances To Single Ladies And Poker Face At Concert

In case Korean pop music isn't your thing, here's the lowdown: Outrageous Korean pop artist PSY recently became a viral…

Man Eats Raw Onion Listening To Beyonce Put A Ring On It

It's time another crazy, pointless, and ridiculous viral video. Adam J. Kurtz posted this video a month ago, but it just…


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