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Family Matters Style Luke Cage Opening

Zach Ace mixed the tv classic "Family Matters" together with Netflix' new show "Marvel's Luke Cage". And it does work…

CNN Spoofs ‘Too Many Cooks’ With Election 2016 Politicians

Too Many Cooks is the outrageous viral video by Adult Swim that parodies 1980's and 90's sitcom introductions. The fake intro just…

Celebrities Call Fraiser Compilation

Most people are unaware that there were countless celebrity cameos on the 1990's sitcom Fraiser. No, they didn't appear in…

Breaking Bad As A Romantic Comedy

Two weeks ago, MHK Productions posted this parody clip, and now it stands with over 350,000 hits. The crew took footage from Breaking…

Star Trek More Like Parks & Recreation

Star Trek was definitely not a sitcom. When it originally aired, only nerds and geeks watched the show. Now the…


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