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Beautiful Day Outside

Fallout VS Skyrim Is A Nerd’s Dream

Post-apocalyptic role-playing series Fallout and fantasy action RPG Skyrim are both extremely popular in the gaming community. So what would…

Skyrim Goats

Skyrim Gangnam Style Parody

What happens when you blend the ultra popular action-RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the current pop song storming the web,…

COPS: Skyrim Edition

The Nerdist channel has just unveiled their latest video game themed series. They spoof the classic COPS style format we're all familiar with,…


Skyrim Homer

Skyrim Comics


Skyrim – You are doing it right

Baking Skyrim Souffle

The YouTube channel Feast Of Fiction is a new cooking show featuring recipes from the fantasy. Their first recipe comes from The Elder…

Cinnamon Challenge Fail

The cinnamon challenge is simple. Record yourself trying, and most likely failing, at eating an entire tablespoon of ground cinnamon.…


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