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Hurricane Matthew Meets Slayer

Rocking the weather US-style. Crazy! "Lane Pittman. Slayer. America. Hurricane Matthew. Turn it up! Where you at Emma Watson?!"

Two Guys Perform Metal On Children’s Instruments

Two men from Pasquale Custom Guitars showed off their heavy metal skills using some unexpected instruments. They performed a very metal…

Covering Heavy Metal On Banjo Is Ridiculous

Country music is most known for relaxing river music and square dancing. Most people do not connect country with heavy…

Slayer Christmas House Light Show

Halloween and Christmas light shows have become an Internet Holiday viral video staple. Most of the songs are themed around…

Cat Sitting Lazily On Couch Watches Slayer Concert

This unpopular video posted in April just exploded with over 100,000 hits. It's simple enough, but oh so good. A…

Cartoon Music Video Slayer – Criminally Insane

Haha, these little devils look awesome.



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