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The World’s Smallest Mini Donuts

Another cute miniature meal by Jay Baron aka Walking With Giants. These mini donuts already received over 100,000 well tasting…

Tiniest, Cutest, Marble Machine Toy

Who didn't grow up playing with and loving marble machine toys? Well this marble machine toy,┬ádemonstrated by┬áMichael Henriksen, is most…

Little Printer Prints Cute Little News Feed

Humans used to get all their news from only one source. Print. But now that we are finally in the…

Shortest Escalator Ever

This video posted in 2009 has had a recent surge of activity after going viral on WTFJapanSeriously. You have to…

Tiny Computer Runs Windows – Fake

This video from 2010 has resurfaced on blogs and social networking sites. It's a simple video of the tiniest computer…


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