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Smartest Police Dog Ever

It takes some skills and some brains to join the police (although that depends on who you ask), but this


Play The Police

They won't know what hit 'em.


Multipurpose Jeans

Don't throw away your old jeans!


Be Prepared For The Apocalypse: Use Primitive Technology In Your Advantage

You never know when those handcrafting skills come in handy (no pun intended). Please pay great attention to this ingenious


Goldfish Is Steering His Own Aquarium

This is so cool! Alex Kent uploaded this invention by students from the Carnegie Mellon University, helping a goldfish getting


Wild Orangutan Learns How To Use A Saw

"Spy In The Wild" is just another wildlife documentary show on BBC. With this preview for episode 2 of the


Clever Donkey Finds Smarter Way To Get To Other Side Of Fence

It is sunday. So why make yourself the trouble of jumping and physical action, when you can go the smart


Smart Dog Opens And Shuts Door Behind Her To Avoid Bathtime

Matt Goodwyn uploaded this video of his dog showing some impressive escaping skills. Always block the path of your chasers!


Smart Cockatoo Makes Tools To Get Food

I, for one, welcome our new bird overlords. No, of course not, but it is pretty striking to me, what


Genius Two Year Old Quickly Solves Rubik’s Cube

Most of us adults have never completed a Rubik's cube in our entire lives. But don't tell that too littleĀ Hong


Little Girl Points Out Errors On Toy Dinosaur Packaging

Adorably bright four year old Stella is a true fan of science, especially dinosaurs. She's such an expert that she


Man Builds Entire House From Plastic Bottles

We first saw the potential of plastic bottles when a man literally built a floating island all out the wasteful