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Willem Dafoe Stars As A Cranky Marilyn Monroe In 2016 Snickers Super Bowl Ad

By now, most people are familiar with the ongoing "you're not you when you're hungry" Snickers commercials. To up the game for


Snickers Spoofs The Brady Bunch With Danny Trejo And Steve Buscemi

The Brady Bunch was the wholesome family sitcom from the 70's that most people are familiar with. For the Super


Mr. Bean Snickers Commercial

The Internet has a strange obsession with goofy actor Mr. Bean. Realizing this, Snickers UK teamed up with the British actor to


Australian Construction Workers Yell Empowering Statements To Women Snickers Commercial

In this viral Snickers Australia commercial, Aussie construction workers break the stereotype that they are all a bunch of pigs by yelling


Snickers Super Bowl 2011 Commercial

When you're hungry, you get whiny and don't want to work. Eat a Snickers to satisfy your cravings. Truth is


Snickers Halloween Commercial – Kids Dressed As Freaky Scary Woman In Grocery Store

This woman will truly give me nightmares, so I guess Snickers really hit the Halloween theme well. Two kids dress as