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Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

This little guy doesn't like his new flatmate... :) The video about Da Mao got over 1 million views on


Snowman Exploding In Slow Motion To End Winter

Do you feel that? Spring is officially here.  Sure it's still cold, but there's a faint warm breeze of Spring


Russian VS Snowmen

Special effects master and movie maker Scottd W has finally returned to the web with his latest work after a three month


Scary Snowman Prank In The City

The official Scary Snowman continues to go viral across the web with every episode. The latest, Season 3 Episode 5, is like them


Holiday Shopping Snowman Scare Prank

UC Magic set up a man in a cutesy snowman suit holding a sign outside a busy store. Whenever a shopper would


Calvin & Hobbes Snowman Scenes Remake

A reoccurring theme in the late 80's, early 90's comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was when Calvin would create outlandish snowman scenes,


Scary Snowman Pranks Beach Goers

The last thing you'd expect to see at the beach is a big snowman. But there he is in all


Snowman Scares People In Times Square

The Scary Snowman strikes again, this time in world famous Times Square, New York City. People can't help themselves from


Huge Snow Slide Built On Snowman

This year there was record snow fall all over the US. Most people complained about the snow, but what about


Snow Dragon Breathes Fire

Isn't this some sort of paradox? How can Godzilla made of snow breathe fire? Unless... there is witchery among us!