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Delete The Toxic People

You'll be happier than ever before.

Meme, Video

Instagram is down – Just describe your lunch to me


Nick Smith Perfectly Summarizes How Social Media Works

I'll just let these 68 seconds by Nick Smith speak for themselves that got over 600,000 views within two days


Do You Also Hate These News-Like Video-Presentations?

jacksfilms hates them. And got over 700,000 views for doing so.


Adam Ruins Everything: Why Facebook Isn’t Free

This time Adam Conover ruins something, nearly everybody uses: Facebook. With it's media criticism truTV already got over 300.000 views


Kristen Wiig And SNL-Cast Do The Mannequin Challenge

The "Saturday Night Live" Crew had a blast doing - nothing. A fine piece of Mannequin Challenge that got over


If Marvel Had Facebook

Everyone loves social media. Have you ever wondered what if superheroes had today's favorite social media sites? The Warp Zone demonstrates what that


Facebook’s Algorithm Is Basically Like The Mafia

Way back in the day when Facebook was only accessible to students in college you had to actually go visit your


If Social Media Was A Cable News Channel

Social media has changed the way we all consume media. It used to be the only way to get the


Vague Facebook Statuses In Real Life Are Super Awkward

They've become a Facebook staple. You know, those emotional statuses by your friends that is just specific enough to suck


‘Girls On Facebook’ Showcases The Drama Of Posting A Picture

You probably thought that posting a picture on Facebook just took a click. But behind that click is an emotional


Girl Discovers Boy She Crushed On In High School Has A New Girlfriend

Social media and Facebook are incredible devices that can keep us easily connected to the people we love. But what