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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Little Girl Has The Cutest Reaction To Space Shuttle Launch

Keith's adorable daughter is only a toddler, so many things in life are still very new and exciting. Keith was watching


Space Shuttle Endeavour Travelling Through LA Time Lapse

Two weeks ago, the Space Shuttle Endeavour slowly traversing through Los Angeles was on the cover of every paper and


Space Shuttle Launch

In honor of the Space Shuttle retiring, Indiegun cut up and mixed together this fantastic HD video "for all the people


Lego Space Shuttle Actually Sent To Space

The official NASA Space Shuttle has been finally been retired. In honor of the great achievements that came from the


Virgin Galactic First Feather Space Shuttle Test Flight

NASA may have run out of money, and the Space Shuttle may have been retired, but that doesn't mean America


Airplane Passengers Watch Endeavor From Window

On a Jet Blue flight from Florida to New York, passengers watch the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor on their TV screens.


Space Shuttle Made Out Of People

In honor of the Space Shuttle Program's 30-year legacy, NASA employees created a human made Space Shuttle in the parking


Space Shuttle Launch Seen From Airplane

On a flight leaving Orlando, Florida, the space shuttle, Discovery, is recorded by passengers.