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Shoya Tomizawa Japanese Race Biker Dies 9/5/10

Race biker Shoya Tomizawa died after a fatal crash in Misano, Italy. He was only 19 years old and won


Kid Hockey Player Scores Goal Hitting Puck In With His Head

This kid acts like he's playing soccer and hits the puck in with his head. The action happens at time


Fan Hit In The Head By Line Drive Foul Ball During Dodger’s Batting Practice – 9/3/10

Keep your eye on the guy in the blue shirt with a shaved head. He's kind of blocked by the


Japanese Announcer Screaming When Gaby Sanchez Punches Nyjer Morgan

I love the way Japanese announcers get so into the game. He screams like crazy when Gaby Sanchez punches Nyjer


Soccer Players Celebrate As Human Toilet

After a goal in this football game, three players create a human toilet, complete with seat. The player who made


Jeremy Vanschoonhoven Performs Stunt Biking Acrobatics – America’s Got Talent 2010 Semi-Finals 8/31/10

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven rides his bike like he's walking. I couldn't even climb that rock obstacle course, and Jeremy climbs it


Amazing Japanese Base Ball Player Jumps Spider Man Style For Catch

Masato Akamatsu makes an incredible catch, that would make Spider Man proud.


Dave Stala Plays Hacky Sack After Touch Down

Hamilton VS Saskatchewan. Kevin Glenn passes to receiver Dave Stala. Dave scores the touch down and plays a little hacky


Girl Gets First Kiss From Base Ball Star Tim Lincecum

At the Mets vs. Giants game on 7/17, this lucky girl received her first kiss from super star Tim Lincecum.


World’s Farthest Basket Ball Shot From Tall Building

Amazing basket ball shot from great heights. It's in.