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LA News Anchors React To Earthquake On St Patrick’s Day

There was a 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles today that occurred when the KTLA news was just starting. Chris Schauble quickly interrupted…

Kristen Stewart Explains St. Patrick’s Day

Barely Political continues their love-hate series where actress Laura McDonald plays a very 'K-Stewy' Kristen Stewart. As in previous holiday episodes, Stewart explains the…

St. Patrick’s Day Google Glass Parody

NSFW Warning - content After the initial reports of Google Glass, the parodies naturally started pouring in. They've calmed since,…

Lucky Charms Auto Tune Remix

Young marketers these days know that online is the future and TV is the past. So in a genius move,…

St. Patrick’s Irish Dancing Flashmob In Central Station

Over 100 dancers make a surprise splash in Central Station in Sydney, Australia. They start small dancing a classic Irish…

Goldstream River Turns Green

In a scene that looks like it's right out of a movie, the local river turns green. Later it was…



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