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Every Thing You Know Is Now Made Of LEGO

This stop-motion video of daily breakfast in LEGO is straight up awesome! [embed][/embed]


Classic Video Games Recreated With Everyday Things Stop Motion

PES film is one of the Internet's most famous stop motion video artist. For their latest project, the they took everyday objects


Lego Ghostbusters

The new Ghostbusters movie is set to debut, even if most people on the Web don't seem to pleased about it... Digitalwizardz decided to


Guy Covers Technicolor By Coldplay Over Five Years

There are plenty of 'take a picture once a day' compilations on YouTube. But Sam Reid has taken the concept to the


The Force Awakens In Lego

What was once simply a fun gag has become its own genre. After the success of Lego video games and


Building Woodshop Stop Motion Is Far More Entertaining Than Expected

Last spring, Hampton Rutland was busying trying to finish his woodshop. He got a bunch of slabs of reclaimed wood from his


Super Mario Brothers On A Cake

Super Mario Brothers is without a doubt the most famous video game out there. The first stage, 1-1, has been


Honda Paper Stop Motion Commercial Made With Thousands OF Drawn Images

Stop motion artist PES is famous for his iconic short films. Now, he is being hired to make professional commercials for famous


Jurassic World In Lego

You don't have a successful Hollywood film until someone on YouTube recreates it in stop motion using everyone's favorite toy


Stop-Motion Karate

Nearly every kid has had a pretend play fight with their friends, especially after watching an awesome action movie like


Artist Adds Augmented Reality Animations To Real Life Part 3

Aritst Hombre McSteez is famous for his two viral videos featuring cartoons added to real life. He calls his series Aug(de)mented Reality, and already


Jurassic Park Recreated In Glorious Lego

It's one thing to make a short stop motion animation using Lego. It's another to spend nearly $100,000 on your short