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Bottomless Bag Magic Trick

Remember Mary Poppin's bag which could seemingly hold countless objects? Comedian and magician Stuart Edge was inspired to make his own magic bag


Instant Date Dance With A Stranger Prank

Magician and prankster Stuart Edge wanted to do something special this Valentine's Day. So he and his crew put together an instant date


Surprise Secret Santa Leaves Receipants In Tears

Prankster Stuart Edge has been very blessed, so he decided to give to needy people this holiday. He went to the busy


Talking Treadmill Prank

With the holidays here, people are hitting the gym extra hard to sweat off those delicious pumpkin pie pounds. Prankster Stuart


Back To The Future Magic Tricks

Who doesn't love the 1980's classic movie franchise Back To The Future? Most citizens of the Web grew up on


‘Thunderstruck’ Flash Mob Prank In Real Life

Everyone knows that girls can't resist a guy who can play the guitar. Magician and prankster Stuart Edge capitalized on this


Instant Spa Prank For Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, Stuart Edge and his friends created an instant spa experience for moms walking the boulevard. Cloaked in


Kiss The Girl In Real Life Prank

Online prankster Stuart Edge was joined by music masters Peter Hollens, Vocal Point, and Noteworthy to help woo women on a college campus.  Stuart approached random


Instant Date Prank

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with magician Jarek and singer Tiffany Alvord to pull off an epic social experiment.  With a hidden crew, they


Surprise A Cappella Valentine’s Day Singing Will Make You Smile

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with BYU a cappella group Vocal Point to make some girls' Valentine's Day extra special, no


Messing With Super Bowl Fans

Football fans takes their team honor very serious. So as a fun gag, popular online prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with J Stu to


Epic Person Swap Prank

Magician and prankster Stuart Edge is back with another epic prank.  This time, he and his magic buddy  quickly swap places right in