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Train Freeloaders Perform Stunts While Hanging Onto Moving Train

Trains are used far more around the world than in the United States. Here, two crazy kids jump on the…

Stunt Man Cuts Watermelon On Conan O’Brien’s Stomach With Real Sword

Stuntman, Steven Ho, visits the Conan show and shows us some crazy stunts with real weapons, all using Conan O'Brien…

A Normal Day – Guys Do Hard Tasks With Ease

These slick dudes are perfect. It's just a normal day for them, but for us impossible. They toss stuff left…

Riding Bike On Fire Through Parking Garage

Riding a bike with its wheels on fire takes serious balls. But it's also freaking cool. I love the traces…

Driving Through Fireball With Guy On Roof Stunt

I don't know if this a legit stunt scene from a movie, or just made for the Internet, but it's…

African Black Guy Dancing Free Style Bike Tricks

This awesome black dude puts BMX guys in the states to shame. He does awesome bike tricks never falling off,…

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven Performs Stunt Biking Acrobatics – America’s Got Talent 2010 Semi-Finals 8/31/10

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven rides his bike like he's walking. I couldn't even climb that rock obstacle course, and Jeremy climbs it…



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