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The Worst Things About A Pool Party

Pool party season is here! Nothing but craziness and happy times, but there are a few downsides to it unfortunately...

30 GIFs for 30 Days in Los Angeles

Creative director James Curran has done a new "Gifathlon" where he shows us his month in Los Angeles with 30


Summer Life Hacks

Summer is most people's favorite season. To help make summer even more enjoyable, the Household Hacker demonstrates ten easy summer life hacks


Swimming In Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

After apparently running out of ideas for a new video, TechRax decided to spend days and days with a buddy buying countless bottles


100 Years of Men’s Swimwear

Every summer, all the focus is on women's swimwear. The commercials, the sales, it's all for bikinis. But what about


Riding A Natural Water Slide Is Pure Summer

Can you believe there are already commercials for back-to-school sales? August has only just started, but it already feels likes fall


Three French Girls Perform Gorgeous Pop Music Medley Of Summer Hits

Elijay L.E.J is made up of three French girls who have been friends since childhood. They also happen to be extremely musically talented.


Hero Lifeguard Saves Drowning Little Girl At The Beach Just In Time

Most people go swimming at the beach without thinking about the lifeguards. But the lifeguards have the very difficult job of


Crazy Couple Goes Swimming Wearing Homemade ‘Shark Cages’

A shark is not something you ever want to mess with. Still, the odds of being attacked by a shark while


Bunch Of Water Balloons That Tie Themselves Are Awesome

Nothing says summer quite like having a water balloon fight with your friends and family. But tying the balloons over


Tyrann Mathieu Sits In A Car In The Summer To Spread Pet Safety Message

Every summer, countless pet owners make the terrible decision to leave their cat or dog in the car while they


Tents And Umbrellas Soar When Fighter Jets Fly Low Over Beach

Last weekend, the United States Navy's world famous Blue Angels fighter jet demonstration squadron blew the minds of beachgoers in Pensacola, Florida.