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Honest Trailers – Doctor Strange

Another trending video by Screen Junkies who deliver us this honest trailer for "Doctor Strange", resulting in over 1.6 million


10 Marvel Superhero Movie Moments That Actors Did Not See Coming

Screen Rant put together another interesting compilation of movies scenes that weren't quite expected the way they went. This issue


Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad

I would have found it funny, when Cinema Sins would have uploaded a "Everything Wrong In 123 Minutes Or Less"


101 Facts About Deadpool

If you happen to have half an hour of sparetime to kill over New Year's - how about some facts


Everything Wrong With Deadpool

Nearly two million views on this video uploaded by Cinema Sins a day ago. "Deadpool. Yeah, he kind of sins


Enjoy These Relaxing Apartment Firesides Of Superheroes

Looking for some quite and relaxing entertainment after all the stress in 2016? Marvel Entertainment uploaded a few videos giving


Awesome Functional Life-Size Iron Man Armor

This is epic! 46 motors are powering 567 parts in this beautiful life-size Iron Man suit made by the Chinese


This Superhero Can Stop And Start Subways On His Own

Now you know how subway cars are stopping and starting at the stations! It is all about the human strength,


Who Would Win: Wonder Woman Or Wolverine?

In this episode of "Super Power Beat Down" the people from batinthesun discuss (or let discuss) who would win a


Honest Trailer: Suicide Squad

Another round of this hard knock truth presented by the Screen Junkies. This "Honest Trailer" about the superantihero movie "Suicide


How To Make A Real Batman Grappling Hook Gun

This is something, my 8 year-old self would have given his left arm for! Okay, my 30 year-old me also


The Boss Battle In A Pub Full Of Villains

This episode of the animated series by How It Should Have Ended got over 2.3 million views so far... "Batman