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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese


This Is The Sweetest And Most Thankful Pit Bull You Ever Saw

She starts of scared as hell, and we can't even imagine what she's been through. The guy rescuing her does


Rhino Requests Belly Rubs From Filmmaker

Garth De Bruno Austin uploaded this clip last October, that has gotten lots of traction within the last couple days.


Two Old Ladies Crash While Searching For The Candle Supply

The good thing: These two ladies driving over a street where there is none seem to be alright. The bad


Father And Son Sing Heartwarming Frank Sinatra Duet In The Car

The boy is so sweet! Archie is six years old but got the whole lyrics to this Sinatra / Sammy

Butterfly Photobombs Koala Photoshooting

You haven't had your daily dose of cute fluffyness yet? Don't worry - this video from the Symbio Wildlife Park

When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend..

Soooo cute! Jackson O'Doherty shows us his little and adorable pet kangaroo. Now I want one, too... via: reddit


Puppy’s awesome reaction as he sees the dog park

Scrattie is going to the dog park. But he doesn't know it - at first. When he realizes, what destination


Boy In Wheelchair Performs Sweet Drifting On Waxed Floor

This video from the summer of 2010 just exploded with views after being featured on Reddit. A disabled boy in


Man Hugging, Cuddling With Two Lions

Hanging out with lions takes serious guts and animals bonding. But hugging and cuddling with lions takes it to a