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Milk Vs. Dark Chocolate: The Ultimate Showdown

I really like dark chocolate, others kind stand the taste. The people from Reactions explain to us, why it tastes


You Suck At Cooking: Valentine’s Day Brownies

You Suck At Cooking shows us how to easily impress your better half (to be) with some sweetness.


Dude Perfect Have A Christmas Special Face Off

Whistle Sports got a viral hit by uploading this silly christmas face off of the dudes from Dude Perfect with


m&m’s Dissolving In Water Looks Beautiful

Look at this beautiful images captured by Beauty Of Science. Yan Liang and Zaoeyo did this 4K time-lapse with a


Kids Try 100 Years Of Candy

Another edition of "kids eat old food" by Bon Appétit is going viral right now. This time: sweets. Yummy! "Kids


$3 Sundae Vs. $154 Sundae

When comes the pasta?! (Update: pasta is gone - thanks to the comments!) After salmon, hot dogs, steaks, pizza, burger


Man Eats Giant 3lb Gummy Worm In 8 Minutes

For all fans of the metric system: this are 1.4 kilogram. Almost 4.000 calories and a LOT of sugar. But


20-Pound Gummy Turkey

Over 1.2 million views for this "special" version of a Thanksgiving turkey by Vat19. And the 25.000 calories bomb comes


I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016 PART 2

What? I thought this year's edition already happened? Yeah, but a lot of families didn't hold the deadline on sending

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016

For the sixth time late night show host Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to lie to their kids to have

The Five Worst Halloween Treats According to Gordon Ramsay

Just in time for your Halloween party. If you aren't sure yet, what to buy - listen to star chef

Kid Discusses Favorite Snack With NBA-Stars

"Late Night Snack with Henry" could become my new favorite video series. A little kid talking with the big basketball