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Dash Camera Captures Footage As TransAsia Airplane Crashes Into Bridge

Drivers in Taiwan were horrified to see a TransAsia turbo-prop passenger plane crash, hitting the edge of a bridge. After hitting the


Little Gentleman Comforts Girl On First Day Of Kindergarten In China

The first day of school is always scary, no matter if it is your first day of high school or


Six Year Old Twins Zony and Yony Perform Adorable Dance On Ellen Show

It seems Ellen DeGeneres has finally found a new adorable duo to feature on her program after obsessing over Sophia Grace


Amazing Vitruvian Man Street Performance Will Blow Your Mind

While walking the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, CuriousWorldWanderer stumbled upon an amazing street performance.  A man put on a jaw-dropping 'Vitruvian Man' performance


Epic Lego Ninja Duel Stop Motion Animation

Taiwanese stop motion master Counter656 makes Robot Chicken look like child's play with his professional action figure stop motion animations.  For his


Giant Panda Snuggles With Cub

Taipei Zoo just posted this adorable video and already the clip has amassed over 300,000 hits. In the video, Taiwanese zoo


Unloading Bamboo Off Truck Taiwanese Style

This video of a Taiwanese truck driver unloading his cargo has gone viral across the web. The driver uses an ingenious technique


Trike Drifting In Taiwan

It's been done before, but it never stop being cool. Trike drifting down steep mountainous roads apparently is popular around


Magician Pulls Kitten Out Of Thin Air

Taiwanese magician 大支 曾 posted this video at the end of 2012, and already the video has just under one million views.


LeBron James Stolen From And Dunked On By Taiwanese Player

LeBron James was embarrassed in front of the Asian world when he played at an All-Star game in Taipei, Taiwan. In


Taiwan Animated News On May 21st Rapture

The Rapture on May 21 was of course pure bologna to steal people's money legally. On Saturday, the day came


Taiwanese Animated News Of Lady Gaga Egg Grammy Entrance

These guys at NMA World Edition always do a great job explaining American news as how crazy it really is. Lady