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Michael Moral – Britain’s Got Talent 2011

Michael Moral is from France, but loves Britain's Got Talent. He watches the shows on YouTube  and now wants to…

Dolphin On Britain’s Got Talent

Of all the strange, weird, and quirky performances on Britain's Got Talent, this is the winner of the strangest. A…

Amazing Stick Balancing Show

The performer starts out with just two small sticks. He balances one on the other and holds it for a…

Juggling While Playing The Drums

Just playing the drums alone is difficult enough. Juggling is also a rare talent. But doing both together basically takes…

Ellen Page Juggling

Ellen Page, famous for acting in Juno and Inception, shows off some of her amazing juggling skills. And it's not…

12 Year Old Beer Pong Master Trick Shot Video

He can't drink yet, but that's ok, because he'll never have to drink. All of his last opponents had to…

Juggler Plays Piano With Balls

Juggling is a skill a rare few have. Piano takes years to learn. To combine the two is near impossible. But it's…



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