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Can You Solve The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever Created?

This TED-ed session hold by Alex Gendler and animated by Artrake Studio already got over 2.1 million views on YouTube.…

Why Do We Kiss Under A Mistletoe?

Probably everyone of you have already kissed under a mistletoe. But why exactly do we have this tradition? Carlos Reif…

Shia LaBeouf Gives The Most Motivating TED Talk Ever

A month ago, Rönkkö / Turner and actor Shia LaBeouf published this strange short film, titled #INTRODUCTIONS, in which Shia gives a half hour…

High TED Talks Parody

TED Talks quickly devolved from interesting conversations with a new perspective into ridiculous, sky-high ideas that make little sense. College…

Tom Thum Beatbox Brilliance At Ted Talks

The church of TED x Talks continues to prosper online, with new congregants joining daily. The popular conference recently hosted beatbox master Tom…

Improv Everywhere Creator Tells Story How The Movement Began

Improv Everywhere has become an Internet viral video staple, but where did it all begin? Charlie Todd, the creator of…



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