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Epic Handheld Tesla Coil Gun At 28,000fps

Wow, this looks amazing! Smarter Every Day show us some electrifying images of a handheld tesla gun. With the fancy


Staff Surprises CEO With Brand New Tesla After Dramatic Pay Raise

There's been a lot of talk about the minimum wage over the past few years. Instead of waiting for the government to take


No Driver In A Tesla On The Highway Prank

Magician Rahat is famous for his ghost driver pranks in which he hides himself in the driver seat of a car


Dad Pranks Son With Tesla Summon Function

As all techies already know, the new Teslas have a slew of autopilot functions. One very fun one is summon, which


Tesla Autopilot Saves Driver From Side Impact With Truck

Even small trucks on the highway must be greatly respected. With a human driver behind the wheel, it's not if,


New Tesla Model S Update Automatically Parks The Car

We seem so close to finally having self-driving cars. The largest automatkers are struggling to be the first to debut a


Tesla Autopilot Stops Right Before Impending Accident

The Internet has a serious crush on Tesla. And why not? The high tech electric car company was built from


Tesla’s New Autopilot System Proves We’re In Finally The Future

Everyone already knows that the Tesla Model S and now X are both high performance electric cars built from the


Tesla Charger Snake That Automatically Connects To Car Is Cool, Yet Creepy

Electric car company Tesla Motors is of course the birth child of tech guru Elon Musk who has built the world's first


Passengers React To Tesla P85D ‘Insane Mode’ Launching Speeds

There are countless extremely expensive super sports cars from around the world that are famous for their incredible speed. But


Musical Tesla Coil Performs ‘Sail’ By Awolnation

The web has heard Tesla coils perform music in the past, and have even enjoyed Tesla coil light shows. But


Elon Musk Demonstrates The Future Of Design 3D Interface As Seen In Iron Man

Viewers of this brand new viral video can't help but be reminded of the futuristic computer interface as seen in big