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Playing The World’s Biggest Tetris Game

Tetris is a world famous cultural icon. That's what inspired Drexel University professor Frank Lee to use the lights of


High Tech Business Card Actually Plays Tetris

Now this is a business card that speaks for itself. The Arduboy made by Bateske is a high tech, interactive business card


Tetris Theme A Capella Cover

Smooth McGroove is well known in the gamer community for his awesome a cappella covers of popular video game music. His


Tetris Printer Algorithm ‘Prints’ Famous Video Game Sprites

Ahh, Tetris, one of the original games from video gaming's golden era. It's truly amazing how much replay value the game


3D Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art

A week ago, AweMeChannel published this art piece by Chris Carlson, and already it stands with over 95,000 views. Chris creates a


Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Tetris

Super nerd Nathan Pryor took this year's Halloween Jack-O-Lantern to the next level. He made a fully working and operational Tetris-playing Jack-O-Lantern,


Students Play Tetris On MIT Building

This isn't the first time it's been done, but nerds at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have successfully hacked one of the


Gamer ‘Draws’ Luigi While Playing Tetris

Shuey187 is beyond good at Tetris. The professional gamer is past getting super high scores and multiple 'Tetrises'. For fun, he


Tetris Theme On Zelda Ocarina Of Time

This nerd is a god walking among men. He plays the classic Tetris theme on Zelda Ocarina of Time flawlessly.


Playing Tetris Game And Playing Tetris Theme On Piano At The Same Time

This man is strong with the Force. I give him extra nerd points for playing the Tetris theme on the