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Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story

Over 1.7 million views on this bit from The Graham Norton Show. "Even Graham can’t stop laughing." via: reddit


Daniel Radcliffe Gets To See Many Lookalikes On The Graham Norton Show

Nearly 400,000 views for this highlight of a recent Graham Norton Show featuring actor Daniel Radcliffe and - Daniel Radcliffe,


Ed Sheeran Once Took LEGO To A Date

Even if you don't happen to fancy the music of recording artist Ed Sheeran you have to like him as


Celebrities Impersonate Celebrities On The Graham Norton Show

There have been a lot celebrities on The Graham Norton Show re-enacting some other famous voices of people and characters


Chris Pratts Epic Card Trick Fail

Actor Chris Pratt has been invited to The Graham Norton Show and to do a magic trick. Proclaiming a lot

Amy Adams Is Really Good At Crying On Cue

In the latest edition of The Graham Norton Show actress Amy Adams demonstrated her crying skills. Impressive! "It's eerily good,


Chris Pratt Has Perfected The English Accent

Sometimes when you turn on the TV, it can be embarrassing to be American. Look at all these fools on


Adele Pranks Adele Look Alikes

For a fun prank, Adele tricked a group of her superfans by holding an Adele look alike contest. Except without


Robert De Niro Is Impressed By Tom Hiddleston’s Impression Of Him

There are many celebrities who are favored by impressionists. These are the actors and actresses who stand out from the crowd


Seth MacFarlane Sings Cyndi Lauper As Stewie and Peter Griffin

As Ted 2 is set to debut in two weeks, Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg were guests on The Graham Norton Show


Jessie J Sings With Her Mouth Closed

This clip from the BBC's Graham Norton Show has exploded online with over 2 million views! While visiting Graham and talking


Benedict Cumberbatch Does The Beyonce Walk

World famous pop star Beyonce is famous for her powerful presence. Just the way she walks can make fans shriek