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Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs U2

In this short clip posted online by Max Clendaniel, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch quietly and carefully plans an intrusion at The Oscars.


Artist Drawing The Oscars 2014 Selfie Will Blow You Away

Ellen's famous '' broke Twitter and became the most reweeted post ever.   Artist Heather Rooney was inspired to recreate the famous


Asking Kevin Spacey Questions Female Celebrities Get Asked On The Red Carpet

BuzzFeed had the opportunity to interview House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey on the red carpet before the Oscars, and decided to


Ellen Unveils The Behind The Scenes At The Oscars

The Academy Awards is one of television's most watched annual programs. The glitz, the glamour, viewers can't get enough.  As Ellen was


Ellen Finally Tips The Pizza Guy At The Oscars

Many viewers at home thought that the pizza deliveryman at the Oscars was a fake gag. Nope, Edgar is a


The 86th Oscars In Under 2 Minutes

Did you have time to watch the entire Academy Awards last night? In case you missed any of the celebrity excitement, Digg put


David After Dentist Double Rainbow Parody Movie Trailer

Jimmy Kimmel noticed that many of this year's biggest Oscar winning films were based on books. But we're in a new


Cute Kids Reenact 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominated Films

Movie obsessed CineFix collaborated with to deliver this cute parody video of Academy Award Best Picture nominated films. The best part? Adorable kids


Maggie Simpson In The Longest Daycare

It's really incredible to think that The Simpsons is currently longest-running scripted show in television history. So it's should be no


Jack Nicholson Interrupts Jennifer Lawrence’s Post-Oscar Interview

ABC News brings this report of an awestruck Jennifer Lawrence after being interrupted during her post-Oscars interview. She stole the night, but


Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator Spills Kim Jong Il’s ‘Ashes’ On Ryan Seacrest

World famous prankster Sacha Baron Cohen went to the 2012 Academy Awards Oscars as The Dictator, his latest character and star


Etiquette For Winning An Oscar

Winning an Oscar is an honor nearly every entertainer dreams of , but it's not all fun and games. Sir