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Thor Pranks Spider-Man By Leaving His Hammer Around

Every nerd worth their salt knows that only Thor can move his impossibly heavy magical hammer. Even other superheroes can't


Genius Nerd Builds Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Some superheroes are famous for their special powers, others for their special tools. Superhero Thor is well known for his


Zeus VS Thor Epic Rap Battle

Thor is of course the famous hammer swinging Marvel superhero who has the power of thunder, lightening, and more! But


Super Heroes VS Video Game Heroes

There are no superheros as epic and super as Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America. But what about the video game


How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended

The popular animated series How It Should Have Ended has returned to offer superhero fans an alternative ending to Thor: The


Thor As A Romantic Comedy Trailer Spoof

Jimmy Kimmel admits that though the endless stream of movies have been doing well at the box office, studio execs are


Creating Thor’s Hammer

With all the hype online over the new Thor movie debuting this Friday, Thor: The Dark World, this extended video


Tom Hiddleston As Owen Wilson As ‘Loki’

English actor Tom Hiddleston is no doubt most famous for his Hollywood roll as the evil Loki in the Thor films.  While


Thor-Arrested Development Animated Mash Up

Animator Only Leigh is trending online after releasing this creative and original Thorested Development mash up of the superhero franchise Thor and the cult


Thor: The Dark World Trailer

The trailer for Marvel Entertainment's newest superhero sequel has instantly gone viral. Over 1.5 million viewers drooled over the preview for Thor:


Thor Breaks Uncomfortable News

Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor, was a recent guest on the UK radio show 958CapitalFMLondon. He was asked by


Thor Movie Reviewed By Blind Film Critic

Reviewing visually intense movies when your blind is no easy tasks. But the Blind Film Critic will accept the challenge.