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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Takes On Times Square Mascots

Times Square was once a sketchy part of Manhattan that tourists never dared to enter. Now, it has completely turned


People Of Times Square

Times Square has been the unofficial center of the world for decades now. It's one of those instances when something is


The Slow Death Of A Cubicle Life

NSFW Language  This video was posted online over four years ago, but has only gone viral now after being featured


Kids Band Performs Heavy Metal At Times Square

Three weeks ago, Fuel10988 posted amateur video of a kids band named performing in Manhattan's famous Times Square. Few viewers expected such


Reverse Times Square Prank

For their latest ingenious public prank, the East Coast's most popular improv group Improv Everywhere commissioned 2,000 volunteers to prank world famous Times Square


Mass Harlem Shake At Times Square

By now, you, your cat, and your grandma have seen more than a life time supply of Harlem Shake dance


Pranking Times Square As A Fake Celebrity

Every time the news or entertainment channels show clips of a famous actor downtown somewhere, there's always a huge crowd.


Frozen Star Wars Flash Mob In Times Square

Flash mobs are a viral video favorite, but most involve music and dancing. To promote the new MMORPG Star Wars: The


CGI Magic Card Trick In Times Square

A Times Square magician performs a very cool and very fake magic trick in front of a staged audience. After


Times Square Slip And Slide During Hurricane Irene

As hurricane Irene slammed the east coast, there was only bad news to report. Flooding, damage, and even deaths have


What Music New Yorkers Are Listening To

When you take the subway or walk downtown in New York City, almost everyone's ears are plugged into headphones. So


Times Square Footage From The 80’s

Ever wanted to go back in time? Well here's the closest thing to time travel. Watch this clip featured on