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Blind Man Guesses Colors Of Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly is one of the most famous jelly bean companies on the market. There are just so many flavors.


How Blind People Know What Time It Is

Today, if someone is seeing-impaired there are countless digital applications that can help them navigate the world and tell time. But


Favorite Smells To A Blind Person

Most people have a favorite color, but what if you can't see? Then you have to focus on your other


Do Blind People Experience Déjà Vu

Do you ever get that feeling? You know, that feeling that you are reliving a moment in time that you


Blind Man Tries To Guess The Color Of Scented Markers

Remember those Mr. Sketch scented markers? Tommy Edison, who has been blind from birth, was challenged by one of his fans


Growing Up Blind

The web's most prominent blind YouTuber, Tommy Edison, discusses what it was like growing up blind from birth in his latest


Blind Man Asks Questions About ‘Sighted Life’

YouTube's most popular blind man, Tommy Edison, usually answers questions on how he goes along his daily life, such as how


How A Blind Person Uses Instagram

The web's favorite blind film critic, Tommy Edison, has returned with another dose of how a blind person uses everyday technology.


Intangible Concepts To A Blind Person

There are so many concepts sighted-people take for granted without even realizing it, explains Tommy Edison who is blind from birth. Completely visual,


Can Blind People Draw

The web's coolest blind guy, Tommy Edison, continues to trend online. His latest video is very interesting as his fans asked


What Sounds Good To A Blind Person

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth, so nearly all of his sensory input from a distance comes from only sound.


What Blind People Are Afraid Of

The web's favorite blind vlogger, Tommy Edison, returns to talk about his fears as a blind person. Naturally, he isn't afraid