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Tornado In Tuscaloosa Alabama

There have been record numbers of tornadoes, flooding, and storms this spring. Who knows what summer will bring. One example is the…

Tornado At St. Louis Airport

A tornado hit St. Louis's Lambert airport on Friday. Here is what it looked like inside. The tornado tore through the…

Tornado Took Man’s Hamburger

There were record number of tornadoes that ravaged Central America in the past weeks. One TV news crew interviewed a…

Tornado Appears During Soccer Game

During a soccer game in Japan, out of no where a miniature tornado appeared. Kids and fans just run for…

Tornado In Pennsylvania

A tornado touched down in Hempfield Pennsylvania. The cameraman gets a little overly excited at the end when he sees…

Man Screams: ‘We Are In The Tornado!’

Over and over again he screams, 'We are in the tornado! We are in the tornado!' I would be screaming…

Funnel Cloud – Athens Ohio 9/16/10

During a tornado warning someone videotaped what they thought was going to be a tornado over the city of Athens.…

Tornado Brooklyn New York 9/16/10

Here is footage of tornado approaching Red Hook, South Park Slope, Brooklyn. That's scary. Tornadoes can do serious damage to…

Fire Tornado – Honolulul, Hawaii

A huge fire tornado in Honolulu Hawaii. There was a similar natural phenomenon in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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