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Taylor Swift Falls On Her Face Running On Treadmill

It's hard for pop star Taylor Swift to sneeze without the Internet exploding. But this new ad she stars is trending


New Treadmill Lets You Walk In Every Direction

The treadmill has been around for decades, and hasn't changed much at all. But walking in one direction on the


Uptown Funk Dance Performed On Treadmill

The upbeat new tune Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars is a perfect song to play to energize you


Talking Treadmill Prank

With the holidays here, people are hitting the gym extra hard to sweat off those delicious pumpkin pie pounds. Prankster Stuart


Munchkin Dog Wearing Teddy Bear Costume Adorably Exercises On Treadmill

It was only two weeks ago when Munchkin the Shih Tzu hit the web wearing a homemade teddy bear costume made


Cat Walks On Treadmill To Get To Plate Of Food

Andrew Elliot posted this video two months ago, but it has only gone viral now, appearing on sites like SayOMG and DailyPicks. After giving


Treadmill Made Better

College Humor has figured out how to make the treadmill better! Of all home exercise equipment, the treadmill is no doubt


Man Dances On Treadmill At The Gym

Back in January, David Wilson published this video that he took at his gym of a man performing a dance of


Dramatic Slinky On Treadmill

This video by abzde just went viral last week, and now stands with over 77,000 views. The scene is literally just


Tiny Dog Walks On Treadmill With Only Hind Legs While Holding Onto Side

This tiny pug-beagle mix, or puggle, knows how to exercise like an American. He cheats! While resting his front legs on


Ultimate Treadmill Fail Compilation

Even with all the modern safety features available, there will always be another great treadmill fail video. WorldWideInterweb compiled all the


Cat Won’t Walk On Treadmill

Cats are known for being stubborn. If a cat doesn't want to do something, odds are, it won't do it.