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Motorised Drifting Trike Is Awesome

Crazy inventor Colin Furze is back with another one of his awesome inventions. This time, he put a powerful engine on the…

Batman Riding Bat-Trike On Japanese Highway

What does Batman drive when he wants to travel light but is bored of the Bat-Bike? Why, the Bat-Trike of…

Trike Drifting Is Awesome

Kuma Films and his buddies got their hands on a bunch of motorized tricycles and hit the track. They had so…

Tricycle Drifting

Sporting extremists Devinsupertramp took some good old fashion tricycles for kids and tricked out the back wheels for some more mature riding.…

Tricycle Racing Down A Mountain

Tricycles aren't just for kids anymore. Just check out these dare devils who ride down the steep mountain roads of…

Power Sliding On A Tricycle Ends With A Crash

This video starts off cool, but ends brutally. A couple of buddies decided to hook up a tricycle to their…


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