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Trolling The Police

When you wanna make sure your car chase is going to be on television.


Bottle Flipping Troll

Teacher goes the extra mile to troll his students. LOL! [embed][/embed]


Seems Not So Legit

That's when you know you're dealing with a respectable company.

The ShutTheFuckUp-Song

Finally a song to all the trolls and idiots out there. Share them the link to this article, if they


Guy Pranks Online Blackjack Dealers With 5th Grade Name Trick

We've all been there before in grade school when one smart aleck tricks us with a silly pun. Perhaps with the


Student Troll Professor During Class With Online Poll

Every Internet veteran knows that online polls are some of the most popular places for trolls to play and mess around.


Irish Dad Tells Son To Start Vacuum Like Lawn Mower

It's the job of every father to explain to their son how to mow the lawn. That includes the difficult job


DJ Trolls Crowd By Not Dropping The Bass

The best part of any dance music concert is when the DJ builds up the anticipation and then finally drops


Reporter Trolls Westboro Baptist Church At Golden Globes

While most people were either enjoying or ignoring the Golden Globe Awards last weekend, the Westboro Baptist Church were busy spreading


Xbox One ‘Sign Out’ Prank

The XBox One is truly a futuristic gaming console. It even has voice commands! Many serious gamers realized that voice


Blanka Is A Troll Compilation

Fail compilations have been an Internet viral video staple since 2007. So what makes this new video stick out from


Dressing As A Store Employee On Black Friday Prank

Many Americans take Black Friday very seriously, so naturally, Prank vs Prank had to take advantage of the special 'holiday.' In a genius