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Assault Trombone

This video of an "Assault Trombone" by CAPTAINQUINN from October 2015 got viral within the last days and catapulted itself


Dad And Son Perform Music In The Kitchen When Mom Isn’t Home

When mom is away, the kids get to party. And by kids, we mean dad as well. This ridiculous short


Trombone Loop Cover Of Happy By Pharrell

This cover video by Christopher Bill has gone viral with over 300,000 hits so far!  Chris takes on Pharrell's ultra popular hit


Trombone Player Sneezes During Concert

This short and silly video has gone viral over the weekend with over 700,000 hits so far!  During a concert


Carry On Wayward Son Performed By Trombone Quartet

Maniacal 4 is an internationally acclaimed trombone quartet that has performed across three continents. Their only popular trombone cover of Carry On Wayward


Man Plays Trombone While Skiing

This short yet very sweet video was posted online before the weekend, and already it has collected over 325,000 views.


GroPro Camera On Trombone Facing The Player

The web has seen the awesome video aftermath when a GoPro camera is put on a hunting dog and inside of


Flame Thrower Trombone

There have been flame-bones before online, but this one sticks out from the rest. The fireballs fired from the musical flame


Darth Vader Salsa Dancing With Trombone

Thank you Internet for still being able to shock me. I thought I saw everything, but I was wrong. I