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TRON Lightsuit Dance

This trippy dance video published by wizartsjp a month ago has just exploded with views after being featured on Reddit. Don't mind…

Real Tron Light Cycle Test Run

 is continuing their work on recreating a real, full size Light Cycle from the famous Tron movies. Here is their latest update video…

Tron Guy On America’s Got Talent

Jay Marndarn is famous as being the Tron Guy online. He was one of the first Internet memes. Tron Guy…

Tron Animated Series Trailer

That's right. As usual, Disney is milking their product name for all its got. First they did the remake, so…

Tron Big Lebowski Mash Up

What if the Big Lebowski story took place in a computer? Or what if Tron had a stoner drug story…

Iraqi Tron

Tron is about a high tech video game world where people on light bikes compete to cut each other off.…

Star Wars Tron Mash Up

I can't believe it, but somehow the Trol Legacy trailer sound matches perfectly with Star Wars. It's a nerd-asm!

8 Bit Tron

Now this is what Tron should look like. Being originally born in the 80's, an 8 bit version of Tron…


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