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How Big Can Tsunamis Get?

Another informative video by RealLifeLore who explain to us how big a tsunami can get. A huge wave of views


How Tsunamis Work

Tsunamis have been in the news far too many times over the past few years for their devastating effects on


Geese Tsunami In Canada

Maikel Parets was at the park when a huge flock of snow geese took a break from their stressful migration.  Suddenly,


Iceberg Tsunami Slams Tourist Boaters

Jens Møller went with boating her uncle and an Australian tourist to the glacier just north of Ilulissat, Greenland to admire the


Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami Victims Thank Nations That Helped Recovery

Japan has come a long way since the many devastating disasters that struck almost one year ago. But the Japanese are


New Terrifying Close Up Footage Of Japanese Tsunami

This video was posted in June, but just went viral now thanks to Reddit. The video is of new footage


Brutal New Close Up Footage Of Japanese Tsunami

This video of the Tsunami that ravaged Japan in March was just uploaded. The cameraman is in the heart of Kamaishi


Japanese Dog Saved Out At Sea After Earthquake, Tsunami

After three long weeks, a dog was found floating on rubble from the devastating tsunami and earthquake. The coast guard


New Shocking Japanese Tsunami Footage

This video was  just released of new footage of the Japanese Tsunami. The water rises so quickly, it's incredible. New Shocking


Driver Records Tsunami Hitting His Car

Footage from the devastation in Japan is still coming out. A Japanese driver was recording on his dash cam when


News Crew Escapes Tsunami In Japan

A news crew in Japan were in their car when the tsunami after the quake hit. They had to choose: