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21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



Make Your Own Cool Origami Yoda

The power you have Yoda to build! At least with this creative tutorial by Origami Plus. "No Force Required. :-)


Kurt Quinn Shows Us How To Perfectly Draw Eyes

This is pretty awesome! Haven't thought about that technique of Kurt Quinn, it really makes drawing so much more fun!


Recreating Daft Punk’s One More Time

EDM producer Sadowick Production posted this tutorial almost a year ago, but the video has only gone viral now with over 400,000


Contemporary Dance Tutorial

Contemporary Eric, aka PUNCH ROBERT, has gone viral with his hilarious Contemporary Dance Tutorial. He and his assistant demonstrate all of


Welcome To Youtube Parody Tutorial Animation

NSFW language  Small time YouTuber animator Jello Apocalypse has gone viral for the first time with his hilarious Welcome To Youtube parody


Girl In Hair Straightener Tutorial Accidentally Burns Her Hair Off

This video by Tori Locklear has instantly gone viralviral after appearing on Reddit. Tori was trying to give a tutorial on


How To Draw Spiderman Really Good

With the magic of YouTube, amateur artists now have access to countless helpful art tutorials at nearly any level that was once


Engineer Makes Humorous How To Make Your Own Gun Tutorial

Engineer Mehdi Sadaghdar chose to show how to make a rail gun in his latest video as guns have become such a


Old Man Makes Strange How To Eat Watermelon Tutorial

Summertime is for watermelon, but you might be surprised to learn that you've been eating it wrong this whole time. 


How To Dance In The Club

How-to specialist jemdahunk has officially gone viral with his ten day old How To Dance In The Club tutorial. With over 1.1 million views,  shows


5 Year Old Girl Gives Make Up Tutorial To Be A Sunflower

Most make up gurus on YouTube are fabulous, sparkling women who are make up experts. Madison is only five years


90’s Bikini Babe Gives Windows 95 Tutorial

Windows 95 really was a huge step for Microsoft, and gave consumers a whole new look and feel to their



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