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Video Editor Accidentally Made UFO Hoax That Media Fell For

Johnson Thompson is an editor who was only trying to learn compositing using After Effects. But after his work hit the Web, viewers


Meteorite Explosion In Russian Sky Caught On Dashcam

Russian YouTuber Андрей Борисович Королев just published this incredible dash cam video. As most web users know, nearly every driver has


UFO Visible From International Space Station

Every now and then, yet another video claiming to have actual and clear evidence of a truly alien UFO emerges


UFO Seen From Airplane Above Seoul, South Korea

UFO videos all seem the same. The cameraperson is always completely incapable of using modern technology, and can never get


Mysterious Light Flash Caught On Camera During News Traffic Report

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson's traffic report, a huge


UFO Landing In New Mexico

Every now and then, a new UFO themed video surfaces. This latest one is only a week old, and already


UFO Trucked Through Small Town Is Really New Military Craft

Small town folk in Cowley County, Kansas were shocked and surprised when they saw what could only be described as


UFO Sighting From Airplane

An airplane passenger caught four UFOs for a few short moments on their iPhone, and, like so many other UFO


Possible UFO Found In Baltic Sea

UFO sightings are a common occurrence these days, and, so far, they have all turned out to be just that. They are


UFOs Over London

More and more videos from last Friday are being uncovered that show several UFOs flying over London. During broad daylight, people in


UFO Over Jerusalem Israel And Utah 1/29/11

The same UFO was caught on camera from two different perspectives. Pretty crazy. It slowly comes down from the sky,


El Paso UFO News Report X-Files Music

If you're going to run a UFO story the X-Files music sure seems appropriate. This story occurs right after Manhattan