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Politician Graham Evans Plays Air Guitar In Parliament

Conservative MP Graham Evans strums a few soundless tunes during a speech in parliament that was obviously not that exciting.


Twins Attempt Suicide Running Into Traffic

Two Swedish twins at the side of a highway in Britain run into on coming traffic. Before, the police were


Law And Order British Spoof

This was actually aired on the BBC America channel. The classic Law and Order narrator goes through a montage of


Beyonce Heat Banned Perfume Commercial

Beyonce was so steamy in her commercial for her first new perfume Heat, the UK banned it from the air.


British Police Freestyle Raps At Rap Battle

A group of party people are having a rap battle in the streets. The police come to check things out.


Nick Robinson Grabs Anti-War Sign, Steps On It

BBC political anaylist Nick Robinson grabs a peace sign behind him, and stomps on it. The camera man is shocked.


Male Guest Throws Envelope At British Talk Show Host Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy Kyle is the English version of Maury Povich/ Jerry Springer. He brings a couple on his show and has